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Amazing Coffee Cup/ Tea Leaf Reading: -An Art of Divination

Coffee Cup Reading is the reading of coffee grounds from the seeker’s i.e. Drinker’s Cup.  The grounds on the cup give Coffee Cup Reader images or  symbols or number which depicts the mind set, subconscious or events to be happening in the life of the drinker.  Coffee Cup Reading is also known as TASSOLOGY, TASSEOMANCY, TASSEOGRAPHY and also in Greece known as KAFE MADELA.  The French word “Tassee” means small cup or goblet.

Coffee Cup Reading originated from ancient China where it was done as Tea Leaf Reading but once it spread to Europe, the natives there substituted it for Coffee Cup Reading.

            Purpose of Coffee Cup Reading:  It can be used for predicting the events in future, getting messages from guardian angles, for fortune telling, healing, taking caution for future turn of events if one get such a hint, plan the future by taking guidance from the reading, make yourself a channel and connect to the divine, enhance the psychic powers.

Logic behind Coffee Cup Reading:

Human subconscious mind registers all our thoughts, deeds and actions.  It stores all the beliefs in the form of programs.  It also stores past life Karmas.  This mind is linked to universal mind.  Universal mind is referred as collective conscious.  When a particular question is asked by coffee drinker ,his subconscious mind tap on universal mind for the answer.  The answer comes from the universal mind away from the earth plane; this answer creates certain vibes in the drinker and coffee catches these vibes, emotions, intentions and mental state of the coffee cup drinker and depicts the pattern in the cup because of Nicotine Content in it.

For Coffee Cup Reading I use Turkish Coffee because its grounds are thick which give me all clear indication of symbols.  In the next blog I will be giving my experiences with Coffee Cup Reading.


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