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Divinity with the Tarot Cards

1.   I try to get as familiar with my Tarot Cards as much as possible. I shuffle the Tarot Cards very regularly so as to imbibe them with my personal energy. I concentrate on each Card so as to communicate with the Card. 

2.   Before any Tarot Card Reading, I energize the Tarot Cards with Divine energy. I surrender my Tarot Deck to my Divine and purify the Cards with the help of Fire because fire kills all the negative energies and thus do the Tarot Card Reading with the Cards in its purest form. If I am doing Tarot Card Reading outside Delhi then also I carry the resources to purify these Cards.

3.   When I am done with a particular Tarot Card Reading, I protect them in a Golden coloured silk cloth being the ideal metaphysical colour. I am also having wonderfully carved out Wooden Boxes in which I store my Tarot Cards. I carry my Tarot Decks in these Wooden Boxes. For storing the Tarot Cards overnight, I wrap them in silk cloth of Golden Colour and put them in the Wooden Box and keep them in a separate/secure place where the Tarot Cards will not get disturbed. This way I give respect to my Tarot Cards and make them feel special and in return they make me feel special while reading them and the results are wonderful.

Neera Sareen

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