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Do you want information and guidance concerning your Career Graph & Challenges, Health, Finances, Name & Fame, Past Life, Education, Behaviour Patterns, Personality, Married life, Relationships, Love Life & Soul Mate, Life purpose and Challenges, Vows & Curses, Karmic Debts etc. You can reach out to Neera through all forms of communication and even if you do not have the date of birth or time of birth, still you will be helped.

  • Through Telephonic Consultations by Appointment.
  • Through on-line media : Skype, Viber etc.
  • Through Distance Healing.

For appointments call on  +91 9910172651,01125142673. You will be required to deposit the fee, manual or through the net in the Bank before such Consultation.


Neera Sarin

State Bank of India

Acc no : 33972537444


Maya Enclave, Mayapuri PhaseII

New Delhi-110064




Standard Chartered Bank

Acc no : 53410113578

Janakpuri Branch


New Delhi- 110058