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Karmic Centre For Occult & Holistic Studies : The Path & The Transformation. ( New Delhi–West, South & Gurgaon )

“May your Inner Light shine with Divine brightness and your heart forever sing its Eternal Song”

The Centre was started by Neera Sareen in July 2006 in New Delhi and was aimed towards enabling Holistic Learning and Spiritual Growth. Our divine mission is to guide individuals towards achieving true therapeutic consciousness of mind, body & spirit by employing natural, holistic and restorative services & classes.

The approach at the centre is unquestionably holistic. We aim at enabling personal development by first evaluating, and then fulfilling all the emotional, physical & spiritual requirements of each individual. Our Comprehensive Training Courses, Awareness Programmes and Workshops have been formulated to ascertain a new and more beneficial outlook towards life and developing a better understanding of Life’s Paths & Purposes. Individuals on every walk of life will find that by properly integrating our Healing Therapy Systems, they can achieve harmonious balance and restoration on every level of life.

The Centre, through the various courses, also aims to broaden your scope and to give you the ability to love, accept & value yourself and to re-set your emotional energies  – To Transform.




 Delve Deeper in to Human Psychology

 The therapeutic modalities covered in the curricula at Aum Karma have a deep psychological connect with both, the clients and the practitioners’. In case, the practitioners’ are unable to reach the ‘Psychological Connect’, the therapy of providing a solution or being a mentor cum guide to the client will never happen.

As Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant’. The society today honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Thus, it is important for the learners at Aum Karma to ensure that this ‘Intuitive Intelligence’ is developed through the physiological source, ‘The Pineal Gland’. It is this combination of the developed, empowered ‘Brain and Intuition’ which can become the basis of a great ‘Psychological Connect’ for the learner and the practitioner with the client.

A Greek Doctor and Philosopher, Galen, has also described the ‘Physiological Source’ of intuition as ‘The Pineal Gland’ to be filled with “Psychic Pneuma”, or rather a fine, volatile, vaporous substance which is also considered to be the ‘Third Eye’, centre for all ‘Intuition and Clairvoyance’.

Doctor Rick Strassman, M.D., has spoken of the pineal gland as a producer of a powerful neurotransmitter called DMT (Di-Methyl Tryptamine). This creates natural psychedelic states of consciousness allowing one to experience altered states of dimensional reality. The gland is connected directly to the visual cortex in the brain.

We, at Aum Karma, are keen on developing this innate power of the human which is a combination of using both, the brain and the intuitive ability’ of its learners and futuristic  practitioners’.

This portion of development of ‘The Psychological Realm’ would also be covered in the study of the modalities at Aum Karma.

Training- Focus Areas

 The focus areas of training would be included in the coverage of the modalities taught at Aum Karma and would include the following:

  • Understanding why there is a need to develop the psychological ability for the learners and futuristic practitioners’.
  • Developing the ‘Pineal’ through the mindfulness, awareness, breathing, water therapies, and other specific techniques.
  • How to reduce the further ‘Calcification’ of the ‘Pineal Gland’.
  • Inner reflections to draw Psychological Analysis, Close Observations, Gazing, Tapping the energy vortex connected to the cortex of the brain to stimulate the Pineal.
  • Role plays to understand ‘Self’ within the ambit of specific life situations. This brings the practitioner closer to the real life situations of the client.



  • Tarot Cards : For Self and Practioners Course— ( 8 sessions of 90 to 120 min each. Twice a week with practice and guidance.)

->Oracle cards, Karma Cards, Divinity Cards, Crystal Cards, Lovers Cards—(Two days for each. 10am to 5pm.)

->The Intensive Advance Tarot Reading Course includes Astrology, Kaballah, Spiritual, Medical & Intuitive Tarot.  Astrological Wisdom to Tarot. Tarot Spells & Meditations–Rider Waite, Osho Zen, Alistiar Crawley.      ( 35 hrs, session of 120 min each, twice a week.)

->     Astrological Wisdom to Tarot-– 3 days–each session for three hrs.

  • Angel Therapy (Angel Communication, Healing, Angel Card Reading & Angel Board)—Two days– 10am to 5pm.
  • Tasseomancy (Coffee Cup & Tea Leaf Reading)— Two days–10am–5pm. One review class later.
  • Scrying (Crystal ball Gazing)–One day—10am to 5pm.
  • Runes–( The Mystic Sequence)—3 days. Each session for three hrs.
  • Ceromancy ( Candle Wax Divination )— One day—10am to 5pm.
  • Pendulum Dowsing-–One day–10am to 5pm.

    All Courses include Manual & Certificate. Tarot Deck is included in the Tarot courses. We prefer to teach on individual basis

     or maximum three students in a batch, for better and perfect understanding of the subject.






  • Crystal Magic & Healing
  • Reiki : All Levels ( 1, 11, 111A, 111B, Karuna & Grandmasters.)
  • Theta Healing :   All Levels.
  • EFT : Emotional Freedom Technique (To release fears, phobia, addictions & emotional stress)
  • Aura Photography (Scanning & Healing–Chakras )
  • Radical Healing (Pendulum scanning of major & minor Chakra associations)
  • Chakra healing through Crystals & Colours
  • Hypnosis and Past life Regression.( Visiting Faculty)



  • Numerology (Chinese, Kaballah Vedic).–6 sessions of 90 min each, twice a week.
  • Name Balancing & Correction.— One Day–10am to 4pm.
  • Astrology (Basic & Advance)—3 to 6 mths— twice a week. Visiting Faculty.
  • Energy Vaastu (Basic & Advance) 3 to 6 mths—twice a week. Visiting Faculty.
  • Pyra Vaastu ( with Space Clearing Techniques)– Visiting Faculty.






  • Tarot Awareness.—One day
  • Tarot Symbology & Colors.—One day
  • Crystal Wisdom & Healing—Two days
  • Colour Therapy.—Two days
  • Rudrakshas.—One day
  • Bibliomancy ( Divination through books)—One day
  • The Art of Relationship.—Two days
  • Mind Power Modules.— One or Two days
  • Divine Energy for Home.—-One day
  • The Magic of Numbers.—One day
  • Money Mantra Abundance.—Two days
  • Affirmation Chanting Techniquesrelated to mind body spirit with Meditations.—One day
  • Face Reading & Body Language Workshop.–Two days
  • Space Clearing, Vows & Curses, Cord Cutting, Karmic Debts—One Day
  • Wine Reading—-One Day


  • Reiki Healing
  • Psychic Healing
  • Aura Scanning
  • Distance Healing
  • Divine Vaastu Visit with Space Scanning.
  • Counselling
  • Meditations
  • Karmic Group Meets—Once a month
  • Space clearing, Vows & Curses, Cord Cutting , Karmic Debts through healings.
  • Channelled Pastlife Readings.
  • IEE (Incubation Experience Exchange)



This is an initiative of Neera Sareen to inspire women of all age groups to form awareness within themselves and deep connections with each other. It also helps them to realise their self-worth & love for themselves, cultivate compassion and gratitude.

The group meets once a month for seven hours sessions that include Lunch and Tea.  Each gathering aims to connect Mind Body &Spirit : to Re-awaken & to Transform. We explore and learn the true essence of knowledge here in every meet. We share wisdom, experiences, meditate and get rejuvenated. The members are given an Om Rudraksha bracelet to wear for all around protection and as a mark of being a part of the group.

If you wish to become a member of this group, you can register by calling  +91 9910172651 & 011-25142673 – New Delhi.



This module has been carefully formulated by Neera and aims at nourishing the mind and the emotions, comprehending life challenges, patterns & learning brought about by each good and bad experience. When we understand the essence of a suffering & joy, it gets easier to release all that is not wanted & embrace all that is needed – The Positivity.

IEE caters to all age groups, men women and children, for we all undergo challenges at various phases of our lives.

If you wish to benefit from this module, you can register by calling +91 9910172651,  011-25142673 – New Delhi



We provide the following Divination Entertainment Services:

Tarot, Wine Reading, Numerology, Angel Readings, Colour Magick, Runes, Coffee cup & Tea Leaf Reading, Face & Body Language Reading, Ceromancy, Angel Board, Crystal Reading, Bibliomancy, Aura Readings.

Events we do :

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events 
  • Fashion & Life Style Exhibitions
  • Astrological Exhibitions
  • Mehendi Functions
  • High end Fashion Brand Promotions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Award Functions
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Community Events
  • Club Meetings
  • Also to Organize Experimental Workshops, Interactive Seminars and Training Programmes or Motivational Discourses in any city or country, please contact—

Some of the pictures shown below are of Mrs Neera Sarin doing Tarot Card Reading, Coffee Cup Reading in a destination Marriage (at Mehndi-a Pre-Wedding Function) of a reputed Business House

Tarot Reading and Coffee Cup Reading in a Mehndi Function

Tarot Reading and Coffee Cup Reading in a Mehndi Function



Coffee Cup Reading at a Pre-Wedding Function by Neera Sareen

Coffee Cup Reading at a Pre-Wedding Function by Neera Sareen



Tarot Card Reading at a Pre-Wedding Function by Neera Sarin

Tarot Card Reading at a Pre-Wedding Function by Neera Sarin

People waiting to get their Tarot Reading and Coffee Cup Reading done by Mrs Neera Sarin at a Pre-Wedding Function

People waiting to get their Tarot Reading and Coffee Cup Reading done by Mrs Neera Sarin at a Pre-Wedding Function

Coffee Cup Reading in progress at a Pre-Wedding Function by Mrs Neera Sareen

Coffee Cup Reading in progress at a Pre-Wedding Function by Mrs Neera Sareen











Tarot Card Reading by Neera Sarin in progress at a wedding function

Tarot Card Reading by Neera Sarin in progress at a wedding function









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