Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee cup reading is very similar to tea-leaf reading where the fortunes of the seeker are revealed through patterns, symbols and omens formed from the residual coffee grounds in the cup. Highly intuitive for of divination, the reader even in coffee cup reading must be truly connected to the Universe to unveil the seekers’ fortunes.

Coffee Cup reading also called Cafeomancy began in coffee drinking cultures of the Middle East that practice divination in this fashion from coffee grounds of Turkish, Lebanese or Greek coffee. Most of the brewed coffee is consumed, but the sediments are left to settle in the cup. It is often believed that the seeker should not read their cups.

Every culture has its own variation. The most common practice is to cover the cup with the saucer and turn it upside-down to read the fortunes. Some Romanian methods require that the sediments be swirled around until they form patterns. In the Turkish tradition, coffee-readers interpret the cup as being divided into horizontal halves: symbols appearing on the bottom half are interpreted as messages regarding the past, and symbols on the top half are messages regarding the future. In some areas before the start of the reading, the drinker opens the heart by placing the right thumb inside bottom of the cup and slightly twisting it clockwise. The impression that is left is then interpreted by the reader as the drinker’s inner thoughts or emotions.

Neera Sareen is a renowned Coffee Cup Reader and Practitioner in Delhi (India) and she has been practicing Coffee Cup Reading for the last 10 years in New Delhi and NCR including Gurgaon and Noida and the seekers (clients) vouch for her accuracy in Coffee Cup Reading. Being intuitive, her predications are very accurate in Coffee Cup Reading.

Neera has given programmes on Coffee Cup Reading in TV channels like India TV etc and a live programme on Coffee Cup Reading on News 24 (TV channel). Neera has also conducted workshops on Coffee Cup Reading to large gatherings in Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad etc.

 Neera Sareen is the best person from whom to learn Coffee Cup Reading. She gives her practical experience dovetailed with her notes to teach Coffee Cup Reading. Few of her students are already practicing Coffee Cup Reading at professional level in Delhi and NCR. She has her centre in South Delhi (East of Kailash) and West Delhi and very soon is opening a branch in Noida also. Please see the Video Below in which Neera Sareen is doing Coffee Cup Reading on TV Channel New 24.

Neera Sareen conducts Coffee Cup Reading In New Delhi

Coffee Cup Reading being done by Neera Sareen

Coffee Cup Reading being done by Neera Sareen