Crystal Healing

Crystals were created alongwith the earth’s formation.  Crystals are basically earth’s DNA.  Crystals still continue to form as Earth’s core is surrounded by layers of metals in molten state and earth’s outermost layer is a thin layer of rocks (approx. 25 Km).  Crystals are formed in all types of rocks.  When gases and liquids in the earth’s deepest surface i.e. from core rise towards upper surface, they start to cool in the cracks of the surrounding rocks thereby crystalling into colourful and sparkling minerals.  Depending upon the pressures, temperatures etc., different crystals are formed.  Thus crystals are symmetrically formed minerals.  Crystals have remarkable healing powers to heal at physical, mental and spiritual level as different crystals absorbs and transmits different energies.  These energies of crystals can be used to balance our Chakras (i.e. store houses of energies that lie within us).  Crystals can also be used to cleanse our Aura thus eliminating various diseases and negative energies out of our lives.

 Neera Sareen has been practicing Crystals Healing in Delhi (India) for the last few years.  She has been using Crystal Grid to provide distant healing to her clients who can not be present physically.  Neera has been using Crystal Therapy at her Karmic Centre in South and West Delhi to provide relief to people suffering from various disorders.

Neera also provides genuine crystal products such as Crystal Balls, Crystal Rocks, Crystal Malas etc at a very reasonable rates.