In pendulum dowsing it is important the way one asks the question because the pendulum only answers Yes or No.  If someone asks ‘How do I improve my wealth, this is a wrongly framed question; the question should be will I be wealthier in the next one year?  Or you can ask ‘Doest Jack loves me?’  Or If I leave the city to do a job in Dubai, will it be good for me financially?’  Meaning the question should be where the answer is expected in Yes or No.

 So with Pendulum dowsing, you can ask Yes/No type questions.

 Obviously, in Pendulum dowsing a pendulum is used.  With your hand, you hold the pendulum.  Involuntary movements of the hand muscles which holds the pendulum cause it to swing.  Directions of Yes or No are decided by the person doing the pendulum dowsing before hand by asking the pendulum as to which is the direction of movement for ‘Yes’ and which is for ‘No’.  The answers to your questions come from the Universe through the involuntary movement of your hand muscles holding the pendulum causing it to move in a particular direction.  While doing pendulum dowsing, one has to be totally objective; one should not be emotional while  doing pendulum dowsing for self or for others.

 Neera Sareen has been practicing Pendulum Dowsing in Delhi (India) and NCR for the last few years.  Many of her clients have benefitted and got guidance through pendulum dowsing.  One can learn Pendulum Dowsing from Neera Sareen at her offices in South Delhi (South Extension Part-I) and at West Delhi.  She also provides the Pendulum if required by the person doing the course in Pendulum dowsing from her.