Neera Sareen is an Internationally Certified Master in Lenormand Card Divination located at Delhi . She is the only Indian who has been  trained by the renowned International Lenormand Masters in USA and UK. Some of the respected Masters who taught her are  Mary Greer , Rana George and Ciro Marchetti  . She is bringing to India the most original and authentic studies (ie Courses and Workshops) in Lenormand Cards. Neera conducts regular workshops and courses on Lenormand _ (Fortune Telling through Cards) in Delhi and NCR (South Delhi, West Delhi, Noida).

The next Lenormand Cards Course (Traditional Fortune Telling and Modern Life Guidance ) (An International Certification Course with the Original Deck signed by the Author) is being conducted at Aum Karma New Delhi from 23rd to 28 Feb 2019.

The Lenormand Cards are used for divination and fortune guidance. These cards originated from Europe, France and Germany. Lenormand was a very famous fortune teller.

Lenormand Cards are the Keys and not Doors so let go ahead and take those keys by learning these cards from Neera Sareen and unlock the doors.

Lenormand Cards Course/Workshop is also available now as a What’s app course.


Neera Sareen trained and certified by International Masters in Lenormand Mary Greer and Rana George

Neera Sareen is trained and certified in Lenormand Card Divination by renowned International Lenormand Masters Mary Greer and Rana George in New York, USA


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