Numerology  can also be termed as the science of numbers.  Nine planets in the universe have great effect on human life and each has been allotted a particular number.  Each number has its own vibration.  Chaitanya is the Universal consciousness i.e. the tremendous energy in which the universe exists.  This Chaitanya has powerful radiations.  A person who by some ways is able to absorb some part of the powerful cosmic energy becomes telepathic or clairvoyant.  There are other energies also which radiates in the form of waves and thus these energies have vibrations and the vibrational force transmitted by an energy has positive or negative effect on another energy depending upon its radiation.

 Since each object including human beings transmits its own energy in the form of rays or wave form, we can know the energies being emitted in the form of radiations by an individual by the study of Numerology.

 The most important number in case of an individual is his date of birth.  Date of birth numbers depicts the nature of energy/ radiation an individual emits depending upon the vibration of the numbers of the date of birth.

 As told earlier, each planet is assigned a number so depending upon the numbers of date of birth of an individual, an individual is governed by a principal planet and a secondary planet so the individual starts transmitting the radiations / vibrations of that planet by which he is ruled.  Individual’s behavior, talents, life goals, opportunities, challenges, likes, dislikes, health, career and other aspects all can be predicted depending upon the numbers of date of birth because date of birth number dominates all these aspects.

 Similarly as we know that similar (like) energies create resonance and un-similar energies decay each other so if the date of birth number of an individual is in sync with the number of another person, resonance takes place and relationship between these persons becomes harmonious but if this number’s vibrations are not in sync with other person’s vibrations then relationship between them becomes sour.

 The other number which is important is that of name.  Since each alphabet is given a number, the sum total of the alphabets of a name decides whether the name is appropriate or not.  If not appropriate then name correction is required which has been found to be very good for the fortunes of an individual.  Since date of birth of an individual is fixed i.e. no changes can be done in the date of birth of an individual so the only scope to enhance the luck and good fortune of an individual is by making suitable changes in his name.

 Similarly names of companies, business, trades can be decided before starting a business or can be suitably corrected if already in use so that the vibration given by these name numbers are in harmony with the individual/ individuals to whom the business/ company belongs so as to have positive progress and good luck in the business.

 Neera Sareen is a famous Numerologist in Delhi (India) and NCR.  Neera has been practicing Numerology in New Delhi and NCR including Gurgaon and Noida for the last fifteen years.  She has helped people in their personal lives by making changes in their names i.e. carrying out name corrections.  Neera has also helped Business Houses and companies who were not performing that well, by changing their names numerologically thereby helping these companies/ business houses on the path of progress/ good luck.

 Neera provides personal consultations in Numerology in her office in South Delhi (East of Kailash) and West Delhi.  She is soon opening her office branch in Noida also.

 For learning Numerology in Delhi one can approach her on the telephone numbers given in contact us.  She takes very small batches of two to three to provide personal attention to students.

 Many of Neera Sareen’s students are practicing Numerology in a professional manner in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Kokata, Indore, Hyderabad and other places in India.

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