Pyramid Vastu

As already explained under vastu that vastu (vaastu) is an art/science in the field of architecture through which a building (whether constructed or under construction) can be protected from ill effects of any natural calamities, obstacles or disaster.

Pyramids play an important role as a remedy (yantra) to remove Vastu Dosh either before the construction has started or even after building has been constructed.

It is a well known fact that Pyramids are located in Egypt but Egypt is not the only place, Pyramids are also found all over the world but the great Pyramid of Egypt is famous because it is the largest and mathematically very correct.

Human body consisting of five elements i.e. earth, water, ether, air and fire and is a small replica of the universe. As per Egyptians the pyramid contains the whole universe in itself because of its structure and the direction / sizes of its walls/ base. If the same ratio is applied to make small miniature pyramids, these pyramids can bring harmony, peace, tranquility and balance in a matter and even upto a particle level.

Pyramid means which has Pyra in the middle. Pyra means fire or in other words Energy so Pyramids have lot of energy in the middle. This energy of the Pyramids is used in Pyramid vastu to remove various vastu defects by putting small pyramids made of non conducting material so that energy inside these pyramids do not get dissipated to earth.

One can even energise food, water, fruits and vegetables by keeping it under a pyramid, consuming such food gives more energy. There are many more uses of the Pyramids by making use of their energies.

Neera Sareen has been practicing Pyramid Vastu also known as Pyra Vastu (vaastu) for approx 10 years now in Delhi and NCR including Gurgaon and Noida. She has her offices in South Delhi and West Delhi. She has solved many vastu defects by making use of the Pyramid Vastu in residential and commercial buildings. She has used Pyramid Vastu even for activation of land to balance energy fields even before construction started and results have been very positives for the occupants of these buildings. She provides solutions through Pyramid Vastu by giving consultation on the ground or even it can be done on the map also. She also provides the remedies of Pyramid vastu and guides the seeker as to how to use them. People in the past has benefited a lot with her advice and guidance and will do so in future also. For her contribution in the field of Pyra vastu and vaastu, Neera has been awarded ‘Gem of India’ Award in the field of vaastu and Aura Sciences.

One can learn Pyramid vastu by doing a course under the guidance of Neera Sareen.