The word ‘Rune’ means mystery or whisper.  Runes are pieces of wood, stone or clay, Mystical symbols are engraved on these pieces of wood, stone or clay.  These mystical symbols have been taken from Germanic Tribes alphabets from Northern Europe.    Runes are used for divination.  Runes consists of 24 pieces with 24 characters engraved on these i.e. one character on each piece.  These 24 characters have three sets.  The first set of eight creation is for love, lust, war and death, the second set is for Hagal i.e. for remaining Gods and Goddesses (the human elements); the third last set is for journey to God i.e. for God of Justice and Law, War and the Sky.

The runes have one meaning upright and an opposite of this when down.  The set of runes often contain one blank rune which is interpreted as a symbol that all possibilities are open.

Each rune carries a different meaning.  There can be one rune, three runes or nine runes spread.  The seeker has to pick up runes from the bag or pouch and then these runes are deciphered by the person doing the Runes Reading and predictions are made accordingly.

Neera Sareen is a famous Runes Reader in Delhi and NCR.  Neera Sareen has been practicing Runes Reading in Delhi (India) for the last few years.  She has shown Runes Reading in certain exhibitions and also in certain organized functions.  The predictions through Runes have been found to be very correct and encouraging.  One can learn Runes Reading from Neera Sareen at her Karmic Centre at South Delhi (South Extension Part-I) and West Delhi.  She also provides set of Runes to the students if required by them.