About Neera

Neera Sareen

Tarot Master, Life Coach & Spiritual Therapist
Director & Founder  - Karmic Centre for Occult & Holistic Studies, New Delhi


Neera Sareen experiences and shares life through Love, Care, Goodness & Compassion. A post graduate from Delhi University, Neera began her career as an Interior Designer. But, being a Natural Healer with inborn Intuitive Instincts and an advisor all her life, she realised her mission to be an Occultist, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Therapist & a Holistic Healer practicing and teaching various forms of Predictive Sciences & Healing Modalities for over 15 years.

This multi-faceted personality uses her all-embracing knowledge to empower people to achieve their full potential in their journey towards Personal & Spiritual growth. She is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & a leading Consultant in Astrology, Lifestyle and High end Brand promotion & Fashion Events across the Country & Abroad.

Neera’s dedication has been well awarded from time to time, when she has been conferred upon many Prestigious awards like- The title of- ‘Rishi Parashar inTarot’ 2006, the only Tarot Reader to have been honoured by this title in the country. Many other recognitions followed since like- The Super Achiever Award in Occult & Alternate Therapy 2008, Samaaj Rattan Sammaan 2010, honoured by the Prestigious ‘Priyadarshini Award’ at the 12 Global Conference of Women Entrepreneurs for

Outstanding Performance in her Field of Work 2012, International Spiritual Awards in the field of Occult & Holistic Therapies 2013 in Mumbai and also been bestowed with the ‘Arch of Excellence Award’ 2013, Gem of India Award in the field of Vaastu & Aura Sciences 2013. She has been nominated for the sought for Prestigious ‘Wedding Asia Award’ 2013 for her services.

She has been actively associated with the Electronic & Print Media past many years, presenting over 1000 TV shows in her subjects in almost all the leading Channels and writing articles & Columns in leading Magazines. She has been actively providing services for Brand Promotions, Fashion Shows, Wedding and Lifestyle shows and Corporate Events. She is associated with The Emporio Mall & Three Graces Spa, Delhi for providing her services.

She conducts Interactive Seminars, Experimental Workshops & Training Programmes across the country & Abroad. As a Trainer & Spiritual Teacher, Neera founded her Centre- Karmic Centre For Occult & Holistic Studies( New Delhi) in 2006, where various Certified Training Courses, Workshops & Awareness Programs are conducted. The Centre is now opening branches in Uk & Singapore. She has initiated ‘The Karmic Group’, a woman centric programme aiming for the upliftment & awareness of women of all age groups. This is a selfless contribution of Neera for Women, inspiring them to realise their Self- Worth, Self- Love & Potentials—To be a Complete Person at the mind body heart & spirit levels.

She is also the founder of IEE- Incubation Experience Exchange Module in 2010, where Intensive Discussions and Insights on life Patterns & Learning’s take place with the participants of different age groups.

The year 2012 has added another landmark for Neera has launched worldwide the first Theme based Comprehensive Tarot Deck for Beginners & Tarot Lovers, out of the series of three Theme based Tarot Decks & a Book on Tarot.

Neera has been devoting her services towards Leprosy homes & under privileged children providing with financial aid, education, meals & vaccinations.

Neera excels in Tarot Card Reading, Coffee Cup, Tea Leaf & Wine Reading, Color Bottle Readings, Numerology, Energy Vaastu, Aura Reading, Angel Therapy, Crystal & Color Therapy, Runes, Crystal Ball Gazing, Face & Body Language Reading, Intuitive Palmistry, Counselling, Meditative Techniques, Bibliomancy, Psychic Reading, Dowsing etc. She specialises in establishing the mind body connection & uses Healing Techniques like Reiki, 

Theta, Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra Healing, Crystal Therapy, Affirmation Chanting, Hypnosis, Channelled Past life Reading Sessions & Meditations etc.


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