(a)        Regular Courses/Workshops conducted twice every month having International Certification.

(b)        Tarot Card Reading Professional Course (Rider Waite) and the package scheme commences every Monday and Saturday.(see Tarot Reading Page under Services). For October Starting  on 1st October 2018. TAROT COURSE AT AUM KARMA IS NOW INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED. CERTIFICATE GIVEN TO STUDENTS IS DULY INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED or A CENTRE CERTIFICATE CAN BE GIVEN.

(b1)      Workshop on Aura Tarot Reading is being conducted on 15 th and 16th Oct 2018.

(c1)       Lenormand Card Divination workshop will be on 02nd and 3rd Oct 2018.

©         Angel Therapy Workshop/Course ( Angel Card Reading and Healing through Angels) commences  every month (Two Full Day Course from 10 am to 5 pm)

(Conducted by Certified Angel Practitioner & Teacher- Neera Sareen)-Angel Therapy   September  workshop is on 29th and 30th September 2018

.(d)       Course on  Numerology on 4th and 5th October 2018

(d1)      Course on Switchwords and Energy Circles is conducted once a month. See Switchwords Page under Services in website)- For October -2oth Oct 2018- Level 1 Switchwords Course and on  21st September 2018 is  Level 2 of Switchwords Course.

(d2) Trigunas Trinity workshop (Mastering the Gunas in life and know your dominant Guna and a journey towards Satwa) will be conducted on 16th October 2018 (10 am to 2 pm).

(d2)      Homa YajnaTherapy and Mystical Herb Raisin (A workshop to cleanse & Purify Energies of Self & Space) is being conducted on 6th Oct 2018 (10 am to 1:30 pm).

(e)       Coffee Cup Reading/Tea Leaf Reading Course conducted twice every month .

(f)       Workshop on Money and Abundance Rituals on 7th and 8th Oct  2018.

(f1)      Crystal Ball Gazing Course commences  every month. For Oct it is on 27th Oct 2018

(f2)     COURSE ON  Moksha Pata Reading, Aura & Chakra Healing, Psychic Self Defense & Protection at Aum Karma in New Delhi. For August -Moksha Pata (ie Study the vedic divination for Self Knowledge & Karma Completion based on Indian Spirituality) on 13th and 14th Oct 2018. The Moksha pata board symbolises a Spiritual Philisophy along with Numbers. It signifies the knowledge of Moral and Spiritual teachings which is symbolically inscribed on it. The teachings are realted to Theory of Karme , its different stages & the 72 existential planes are the teachings of Spirituality & philosophical lihe of human beings.

(f3)      Course on Energy Vaastu conducted every month, For Oct 2018- The course dates are :- For Home Vaastu- 21 Oct 2018 , For Commercial Vastu- 28th Oct 2018.

(f4)      Workshop on Power Remedies (ie Remedies for Problems) once a month. For Oct on 11 th Oct 2018

(f5i)     Workshop on Meditation Therapy on 18 Oct 2018 (2:30 pm tp 5:00 pm )

(f5)      Workshop on Runes is once a month. For September on 27th and 28th September 2018.

(F5-) Workshop on Dream Therapy  on 16th September 2018 (From 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm).

(F5–)Workshop on Chakra and Crystal Therapy on 2nd September 2018.

(f6)      Workshop on Power Oils and Candle Magick – 21 st September 2018 (10 am to 2 pm)

(f7)    Workshop on Mantra Healing on 18 th Oct 2018 (10 am to 2 pm )

(g)  Karmic Group Meet- One full day of Rejuvenation ,Learning and Meditations-

Twice a month

Do Join and become a member on approval-Membership free ( only for      women) .

(h)        Other Courses/ Workshops are conducted on demand.

(i)        Fee Structure is variable according to Courses and Workshops.

(j)        Karmic Centre has its Holistic Centre at East of Kailash called Aum Karma where in

addition to the conduct of above mentioned courses, Space is given  for conduct of 

Workshops, conduct of meditations, conduct of Yoga, Conduct of various holistic courses.

Space(One Room with AC) is also available for Holistic Consultants to carry out consultations

The environment at Aum Karma Centre is very peaceful and full of positive energy.



Love & Light

Neera Sarin

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