(a)        Regular Courses/Workshops/Classes conducted in Tarot Reading and other subjects at South Delhi and West Delhi (New Delhi).

(b)        Tarot Professional Course at New Delhi  and the package scheme commences once  a week (Next Course 11 Jan 2018, 14 Jan 2018,  28 Jan 2018 onwards)

©        Angel Therapy Workshop once a month (Next Workshop on 23rd and 24 th Jan 2018)

(d)        Numerology next workshop on 15th and 16th Jan 2018.

(e)        Workshops/Courses on Switchwords - Next Switchwords Level One is on 21st jan 2018 and Level Two on 22nd Jan 2018.

(f)         Crystal Ball Gazing Workshops/Courses are conducted once a month at Aum Karma In New Delhi-Next on 01st Feb 2018

(g)        Courses/ Workshops are conducted on Moksha Patta at Aum Karma at New Delhi by Neera Sareen- Next on 6th and 7th Jan 2018.

(G1) Vaastu  Workshop 
(i) Home Vaastu Workshop on 13th and 20 th Jan 2018

(ii) Commercial Vaastu Workshop on 27th Jan 2018 and 3rd Feb 2018

(f)        Regular Weekly one/two days Workshops are held on:-

(i)         Self Empowerment – A 6 dimensional Approach.

(ii)        Scientific Parenting

(iii)       Pre/Post Marital Relationships

(iv)       Mental/Emotional Flexibilities and Management.

(v)        Mind Power.

(g)       Karmic Group Meet- One full day of Rejuvenation ,Learning and Meditations-

Twice a month

Do Join and become a member on approval-Membership free ( only for      women) .

(h)        Other Courses/ Workshops such as Coffee Cup Reading, Vaastu etc. are conducted on demand. Coffee Cup Workshop on 6th Dec 2017 and Energy Vaastu on 8th Dec 2017

(i)        Fee Structure is variable according to Courses and Workshops.


Love & Light

Neera Sarin

Transforming Lives