(a)        Regular Courses/Workshops conducted twice every month.

(b)        Tarot Professional Course and the package scheme commences once  a week.

©         Angel Therapy Workshop every first and third week of the month.

(d)        Numerology commences once a week.

(e)        Workshops/Courses on Switchwords are conducted twice a month at Aum Karma Centre in South and West Delhi at New Delhi

(f)         Crystal Ball Gazing Workshops/Courses are conducted once a month at Aum Karma In New Delhi

(g)        Courses/ Workshops are conducted on Moksha Patta at Aum Karma at New Delhi by Neera Sareen

(f)        Regular Weekly one/two days Workshops are held on:-

(i)         Self Empowerment – A 6 dimensional Approach.

(ii)        Scientific Parenting

(iii)       Pre/Post Marital Relationships

(iv)       Mental/Emotional Flexibilities and Management.

(v)        Mind Power.

(g)       Karmic Group Meet- One full day of Rejuvenation ,Learning and Meditations-

Twice a month

Do Join and become a member on approval-Membership free ( only for      women) .

(h)        Other Courses/ Workshops such as Coffee Cup Reading, Vaastu etc. are conducted on demand.

(i)        Fee Structure is variable according to Courses and Workshops.


Love & Light

Neera Sarin

Transforming Lives